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Le auto di Fast & Furious 4
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Le altre auto del film

Ford Mustang 2007 Tjaarda
Tom Tjaarda has been a prominent automotive designer since way back in the '60s when he turned out the Ferrari 365 GT California Spyder and Fiat 124 Spider while working for Pininfarina and, probably his best-known design (certainly under his own name), the De Tomaso Pantera. But despite all those Italian exotics on his résumé, Tjaarda was actually born in the United States. And his love of American muscle has been on sale as complete cars and body kits from a company called HST International.
Painted bright yellow, the Tjaarda Mustang has a relatively major role in the film as the vehicle driven by "Malik," played by Neil Brown, Jr.
One genuine Tjaarda Mustang complete with supercharger, side exhaust, oversize Baer brakes and a modified suspension was loaned to the Fast & Furious production and used as a hero car. Beyond that, HST also supplied the production with two Mustang GTs that were modified to look like Tjaardas but untouched mechanically — they were used as stunt cars. Finally, the picture car department bought one heavily damaged V6 Mustang, dressed it as a Tjaarda and used that for the car's death scene. The hero Tjaarda was returned intact, while the two stunt cars were returned heavily damaged.

Ford Mustang 2006

Honda S2000

Porsche Cayman della gangster Gisele
Preparata da TechArt vanta un motore "maggiorato" (da 3,387 cc a 3,824 cc) che eroga una potenza massima pari a 385 CV ed una coppia di 407 Nm. Numeri che quasi fanno impallidire quelli "originali": 295 CV di potenza e 340 Nm di coppia. Questa Cayman S può così raggiungere i 285 km/h ed accelerare da 0 a 100 km/h in appena 4,9 secondi.

Per realizzarla la produzione ha acquistato ben 7 esemplari di BMW Serie 5 serie E39 che però non erano delle vere “M” bensì delle comuni 540i (tre) e 528i (quattro), più facili da reperire sul mercato dell’usato. Ogni vettura è stata quindi travestita da M5 dal Tuner tedesco Lumma Design che ha scelto un’appariscente livrea bicolore gialla e nera e cerchi in lega da 19 pollici. L’elaborazione degli interni è stata invece firmata dalla Sparco. Di queste 7 fuoriserie se ne è salvata soltanto una che forse potrebbe essere riutilizzata nel sequel.

Lamborghini LM002 nera per il bandito Campos in Messico

Chevy Truck 1967
The original script had the "road train" fuel truck having its trailers swiped by a pair of El Caminos. But for picture car coordinator Dennis McCarthy, the idea that the light-duty El Camino could haul off giant fuel trailers was just too absurd. So he asked that his crew be allowed to produce more plausibly rugged machines for the scene. The copper-colored '67 Chevy here is one of McCarthy's two solutions.
From the cab back, this beast features a custom frame built from massive steel box section tubing. The rear suspension is a giant ladder bar setup with airbags, and those rear tires are the biggest and widest the picture car department could find. (Ironically, they're usually used on tanker trailers.) Power comes from a massive 502-cubic-inch GM crate V8 (what once would have been called a big-block Chevy) with enough torque to pull the Dow up 1,500 points by itself (though it's theoretically a diesel in the film).
The picture car department built two of these beautiful trucks plus one engine-less buck for filming. All survived and are in storage.

Chevy Crew Cab Truck 1989
If the copper '67 Chevy truck is the beauty of the opening heist in Fast & Furious, then this is its beastly brother — a six-wheeled crew cab Chevy from a matte-black hell.
Like the '67, its crew cab companion has been thoroughly re-engineered from the cab back to accommodate oversize components swiped from larger trucks. So the rear frame is all box-section tubing and the twin rear axles are supported by 10 links and four airbags.
Power comes from a fresh GM 572 (more than 600-horsepower) big-block V8 backed by a four-speed manual transmission, which is needed considering this beast weighs 6,000 pounds.
The picture car department built three of these, plus one engine-less buck. One was built with all four wheels in back driven so it could do spectacular four-wheel burnouts. Unfortunately, that's not seen in the film. All the trucks have survived and are in storage.

Trophy Truck proto 2008
San Diego based company Racer Services built the new trophy trucks (desert trucks, prerunners) for the upcoming fourth “Fast and Furious” motion picture.

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